Everything Will Be All Right (Trance Mix)

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I wanted to create a mix that captured how we feel when we are at our worst.  This mix is hurt, pain, sorrow, regret, anger and loneliness. This mix is yelling at a universe full of people who can’t hear you. This mix is complete and utter despair and frustration with life.

Pretty terrible huh?

I wanted to then bring the listener back from the brink of whatever dark place I took them and show them that even in times like that  they must remember to never surrender and to never give up hope.  This mix  is a reminder that things get better and that everything will be all right.

Do you trust me to take you on that mental journey  into darkness and then back into the light?

This mix can be listened to in two parts.  Part one takes you down.  Part two brings you up.  The change happens at about 1 hour 15.

(Track listing coming soon)

Everything Will Be All Right (Trance mix)

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Skittish & BusEverything Will Be All Right (Trance Mix)

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